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    Online Marketing can Be Extremely Effective, with the Right Agency, on Your Side.

    web designMarketing has always been a deciding factor, when it comes to determining the success of a company, which is why companies invest so much of their time and energy in it.  Still, as much money is spent, there are plenty of failed marketing attempts, and you need to know how to avoid them, as they can be critical pitfalls, for your company.  By and large, it is most effective, today, to invest in online marketing strategies.  This is true for many reasons, primarily the fact that the internet has become such a critical form of communication.  Not only that, the internet enables users to zero in on exactly what they need, which is why online marketing can be so effective, provided you have a good way for your clients or customers to access your business, online.  If you are looking for online marketing in Salt Lake City, or the Salt Lake area, you should hire Evolve Agency, as they offer the best web design and social media strategy help, among many other online marketing services.

    In terms of online marketing, there are many different aspects of your company’s online representation, but the website is the most basic and arguably the most essential.  This is not to say that a website is, by any means, enough to effectively market your company, but it is a central feature, as it is the location to which people will be directed, upon clicking advertisements or other links.  At the end of the day, your business will only appear as strong as its website, since that is often viewed, before the client or customer has even obtained your services.  That is to say, if your website puts them off of your company, they are not likely to select your services.  Furthermore, a good website makes them more likely to trust your company.  In terms of Salt Lake are web development experts, Evolve Agency is good because they know how to specially tailor a website to be advantageous to your company.  Since every company is different, every website should have unique, specially-tailored qualities, to correspond with the services the company offers, as well as its overall aesthetic.  In this way, web development is as much a marketing field, as it is a technical one.

    Another area of online marketing that has become equally important is social media.  Social media is a remarkable means, through which people, businesses, and organizations can effectively communicate information, in an organized way.  From the perspective of a local business, it is one of the most effective means of communicating with those who already obtain your products or services, as well as a means of bringing in brand new clients.  Social media is an online entity that is separate from your website, in most cases, and it is a good way to post extremely up-to-date information about your company.  While your website may not change every day, social media allows you to constantly and consistently put out relevant information about your business.

    Today, Online Marketing is the Most Important Type of Marketing.

    online marketingThere are tons of different ways in which marketing has changed, over the years, as a result in technological advancements, but few changes have been as drastic or as rapid as the rise of the internet, in terms of marketing.  Today, online marketing is arguably the single most important type of marketing, since the internet is such an important and pervasive means of communication.  Whether small or large, no business can afford to ignore the importance of the internet, in determining what information people are able to obtain.  Essentially, if your company is not putting itself out, on the internet, in the form of both a website and social media, it will have a much harder time attracting and retaining clients.  For businesses based in Utah, hiring Evolve Agency, a Salt Lake online marketing firm, is the best option.  They will be more able and willing to put the proper amount of attention into the details, tailoring everything, to suit your business’s needs.

    Online marketing consists of countless different approaches, many of which must be utilized by each company.  For one thing, every business needs a website, as a starting point, for creating their online brand or persona.  Though the website is not the one and only component of an online marketing strategy, by any means, it is a basic and necessary item, nonetheless.  After all, no matter how many ads you have, you still need a website, for the ads to link back to, and it is the website that will communicate the most important information, relating to your company.  Not only that, websites also tend to be the best way for customers to actually place orders or carry out other business transactions, online.  In many ways, websites are utilitarian, but they also must be stylish and well-crafted, in terms of aesthetics.  In this way, web design is more than just a matter of tech expertise, it is also a matter of marketing strategy.  That is why finding a Salt Lake web design agency may be better than getting one that has a more global or national approach.  Evolve Agency, in particular, takes the time to fine-tune your content, so that it is relevant and helpful, for your clients, as well as beneficial, in a marketing sense, to your business.

    Of course, in today’s high-tech world, a website is only the bare minimum, and your business should actually be far more active and available than that, in order to attain maximum online marketing benefits.  Without a doubt, one of the most influential means of communicating online is social media.  Whether you are running a company or institution, it is highly important that you are active on social media, in order to gain positive attention.  Not only that, social media is also a great way to communicate extremely current information, regarding your company.  For that reason, small businesses, in particular, are encouraged to utilize various social media venues, for pumping out relevant and engaging information and images.  It truly pays off to develop an effective social media strategy.

    No Marketing Strategy Will Be Effective, without an Emphasis on Online Marketing.

    online marketingMarketing your business can be tricky, as there is no one simple and surefire way to go about marketing, for every type of company.  Instead, a fine-tuned marketing strategy, based upon the specific needs of your company, must be crafted.  Because of the many nuances of marketing, as well as the fact that it is a rapidly evolving industry, it is necessary to hire an outside marketing agency, with expertise in the field.  Small businesses and new businesses face some of the biggest challenges, in terms of marketing, since they are not necessarily well-known.  For this reason, small business owners need to be especially adept at marketing their services, in a way that is effective.  More accurately, their marketing professionals need to be able to do this, as they are the ones who will ultimately coordinate your marketing plan.  No marketing strategy, today, will be effective, without an emphasis on online marketing.  The internet is the ultimate means of gaining publicity, and it is an equalizer.

    As a matter of fact, online marketing has largely become the most important and popular means of marketing businesses, and it is especially useful, for small and local businesses, as they do not have to invest  money in television commercials.  Furthermore, with traditional media forms becoming obsolete, in many regards, you should not hesitate to put your effort into online marketing.  Because it is the main form of marketing, in many ways, online marketing is a large and multifaceted field.  There are many different components of an online marketing strategy that must be maintained, in order to be effective, but, fortunately, with the right marketing agency, you will obtain these services for a reasonable price.  The first step in having an online marketing strategy, though, must be to create a contemporary, helpful, and professional website.  While you may have a website already, it may have room for improvement.  This is not your fault, and, by allowing web design experts to create a better one, you will be greatly benefiting your company.  Web design refers to more than just creating websites, per se, though, as web designers can also help you craft better online materials, such as advertisements and articles.  Finally, in addition to the mechanical aspects, your content should always reflect the utmost professionalism, whether it be an advertisement or your website.

    One of the most incredible advancements in communication, in recent years, was the advent of social media and social networking.  Social media, beyond just being a way or individuals to keep in touch, is a way for businesses and other organizations and institutions to communicate with their loyal customers, as well as with potential clients, who may have come across your social media material, in one way or another.  Social media allows you to present different information than you might present on your website, as well as some of the same.  In any case, your social media strategy, much like your overall online marketing strategy, should be focused, so it can benefit your company, as much as possible.

    Social media marketing is vital for the growth of your business.

    social media marketingThe internet has greatly impacted the world as we know it today. From the way that we gather information, to how we communicate with each other, the internet has had a profound effect on the way that we live our lives. With the commercialization of the internet came many more changes, especially for the world of marketing. The way that companies market their brand has shifted to rely heavily on the internet. These days if your business doesn’t have a website, it basically doesn’t exist. And just having a website isn’t enough, you have to have a well designed and functional website that reflects your business’ purpose and values. Still, even if you have an excellent and well designed website, if you aren’t getting any traffic through your site it is pretty much pointless. Thankfully there are companies out there who specialize in website development and design. One such company is known as Envolve Agency and works out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Envolve Agency has a unique approach to website development and design and is committed to working closely with each of their clients every step of the way. They guarantee that once they have completed their work on your company’s website that it will be up and running and ready to take on heavy traffic. If traffic is the issue, in that there isn’t enough of it, Envolve Agency can help with that as well. Their team has vast knowledge of the social media world and how it works, as well as how to make social media work for your company. Below is a list of some of the main services that are provided by Envolve Agency.

    1. Website development and design

    Envolve Agency believes that there is more to a website than just graphics and code. They can help you to enhance your company’s website by prioritizing the most valuable content on your site to best represent your company’s purpose and product. The team at Envolve will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction with the final result.

    2. Social media marketing

    Social media is the most rapidly growing and evolving branch of the internet. Envolve Agency can help you to utilize social media to your advantage and promote your business online. If your business is not already using some form of social media marketing then you are missing out on a huge audience of potential clients and customers. The team at Envolve understands how social media works and they know how to make social media work for your business.

    3. Branding and design

    The team at Envolve believes that your brand should be defined by whatever it is that you enable your customers or clients to do. They can help you to build and design your brand in a way that best reflects who you are and what you hope to do for your customer base.

    4. Video marketing

    YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet with over one billion visitors to the site each month. Envolve Agency can help your business to use the powers of Youtube to your advantage.



    1. Roofing SEO has a great website which allows you to see detailed photos of all their roofing products. When you want to get roofing supplies you want to see what you are getting and SEO provides just that. On their sleek web site you will find crystal clear photos of different products from several different angles as well as detailed descriptions of their products.
    2. They are a trusted name in the business. For as long as SEO has been in the roofing industry they have made a name for themselves as a company that can be relied on by both contractors and independent buyers. They make it a point to have a straightforward relationship with all their customers and to keep their word when it comes to product standards and product delivery deadlines.
    3. Roofer SEO only uses the finest materials available so you don’t have to worry about getting a product that will fall apart on you after the first big snow storm or when the winds start picking up. Their catalog of products includes some of the highest-grade merchandise in the roofing world today.
    4. They offer a no pressure service. There are a lot of roofing supply companies out there today that try to push you into buying things that are not right for you, just because they cost more doesn’t mean they are better. The friendly staff at SEP will guide you to the right products and make sure that you are comfortable with your choice before you buy.
    5. When it comes to knowledgeable people, they are second to none. You can have a big problem on your hands if you end up with the wrong material for the job, that’s why it is so crucial to have a company on your side that knows all about roofing and that can handle even the most specific questions concerning temperature limits, water resistance and long term weathering. If you have a question, at SEP they have an answer.
    6. SEO is on the cutting edge. SEO is a great example of top of the line roofing website design. As soon as you visit the page you can see that no corners have been cut when it comes to their attitude on quality. This is also reflected in the high level of companies that trust SEO with their roofing needs. You will see some of the coolest buildings in town that have been roofed by SEO. They are responsible for the work done on recent building project for things like park buildings and museum renovations. It just goes to show that they can be trusted with any type of job around.
    7. You can get a price quote right on their web site. If you are busy and don’t have time to go in and spend time at a walk in store, don’t worry, you can get am idea about prices and products right on the web and there is even a section that allows you to send questions to the home office if something is not clear.

    Here Are 6 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs to Be Marketing Itself Online

    Law Firm SEOMany businesses tend to think that they can effectively market themselves without any help, and many of those businesses also think that online marketing won’t actually do that much to boost sales and/or clientele.  However, hundreds of other businesses are competing with yours on a daily basis and you might have no idea.  Digital marketing now makes up the majority of branding and expansion.  So here are some reasons to highly consider hiring an online marketing firm to boost your business:

    1. Search Engine Optimization: there are over one billion online searches perfumed daily by Americans for any number of products or businesses.  If your company’s website shows up within the first page of results, you are far more likely to be contacted by that consumer.  Marketing professionals know how to make this happen.

    2. Social Media Exposure: social media outlets are just as frequently used as search engines, so it is worth your while to get your brand on those page as well.  They can be matched to what users are talking and posting about, making it more likely that your webpage’s link will be viewed by thousands of potential customers or clients.

    3. Overcoming the Competition: As mentioned before, the closer your webpage’s link is to the top of the search results page, the more likely you are to be chosen by that consumer.  With the help of an online marketing firm, your website can get a makeover and your likelihood of appearing ahead of your competitors in search results is greater.

    4. Old Marketing is Failing: the days of Mad Men advertising have now passed us, so if you are still wasting your time on newspaper ads, television commercials, billboards, and bus stop posters you won’t see the results that you could be with digital marketing.  Consumers still see those other forms of advertisements, but they are exposed to far more online, and they are more receptive to those that are viewed online as opposed to in person.  The younger generations especially place higher emphasis on the business ads that they are exposed to online because to them, that seems more reputable than a billboard.

    5. All business is done online now: If you have the potential to build your own online community of clients, then definitely take it.  This is what digital marketing specialists know how to do, so let them build your fan base while you wait for the calls to start coming in.  Virtually every consumer does the majority of their business shopping and even communications online, so be a part of the modern movement for the sake of your own business.

    6. Consumers see more of you:  When you adapt your website to be user friendly and functional, potential and current clients of yours will feel like they really know you because of what they have read on your site.  The more information you put out there that makes your business unique, the more your clients will respond.  A well addressed website can make all of the difference if it comes down to you and another in a competition.

    Website Design and Development Can Be the Most Important Aspect of Your Business

    web developmentAre you in the beginning stages of business development?  I bet whatever it is you’ve got going on is a great idea, and if that’s the case, you better have a good plan for your website’s design, development and marketing.  We aren’t in the days of Mad Med anymore, where marketing campaigns consisted of appealing drawings and catch phrases.  In contemporary times, if you want your business to grow and become well-known and trusted, one of the first things you need to do is make a great-looking website that includes form and function for your customers.  Catch phrases and figures are still allowed, but only if they are backed by quality web design.

    Interactive webpages are very attractive to customers who are checking out your business for the first time.  If you can include a FAQ section, contact information, a history of the business and what it specializes in, then you have one foot in the door with each person who views your site.  Regardless of the business, online marketing tools are crucial.  Whether you do the web design yourself or hire a professional development service, an emphasis on social media marketing is also beneficial in today’s age.  It may depend on your target audience, but a large percentage of Americans visit some sort of social media outlet daily.  If you have access to those audiences and can at least have a page of your own for customers to “like” and visit frequently for deals and information, you are again making yourself competitive.

    Envolve Agency is a social agency and online marketing firm that provides services related to web development and professionally managed websites, online and social media marketing, and website design and implementation.  They emphasize the use of social relationships to build your business and gain new perspectives into social media outlets.  Their marketing strategies are evolving daily, and you can take advantage of their expertise if you’re beginning your own business development venture.  Websites are the first impression of any business, so a clean and informative page is key to gaining a solid customer base.  Professional development can open new windows for your business if you’re currently out of ideas or strategies.  Utilizing a development firm like Envolve is also a great way to network for your own purposes, as many other business owners like yourself are seeking the same services.

    Effective web design is incredibly important, so if you’ve been placing that aspect of your business on the back burner for funding or other reasons, you should reassess your priorities for sure.  If web design and development is one of the only things that you can indulge in right now, it would be worth it.  Our global society depends on and reinforces the role of the internet in understanding a business.  You can create an informative website that gives the customer everything they need to know about your business, but also makes them want to visit it in person or order from it online.  Agencies like Envolve can help you do that in the most effective way.

    Do Not Underutilize Your Marketing Automation Software.

    marketing automation softwareNeedless to say, you cannot afford to neglect marketing, when it comes to running a successful business.  Marketing is the means by which you make your company evident to the public.  Still, no business owner should invest the majority of his or her time in marketing.  This is an ineffective and inefficient approach to business, as it leaves so much up to chance.  Instead, it is far better to find a way to minimize the amount of manual work that must go into your marketing.  The best way to do this is by installing marketing automation software, but even that is not enough to optimize efficiency and effectiveness, when it comes to marketing.  You also need to be sure that you are using the software that you do have correctly, but, unfortunately, many people do not know how to do this.  Because of their lack of knowledge they drastically underutilize their state of the art marketing automation software.

    Marketing automation software can be incredibly complex.  This can be a bad thing, insofar as it makes it harder to learn even the basics of operating it.  On the other hand, because it is so complex, there are likely a lot of amazing features that you do not know about.  In order to find out how to best utilize all of the features of your marketing automation software, you may want to consult with a company that provides this type of support.  In Philadelphia, there is no better marketing automation support company than Automation U, which specializes in helping businesses properly use and maintain complex automation software.  With their training and support, you will be able to use your marketing automation system, in ways you never thought possible.  For instance, in addition to simply being able to send out emails to all of your clients, you can use a marketing automaton system to keep track of all of the correspondence that your business has ever had, with customers and clients.  Essentially, every aspect of your business’s marketing is at your fingertips, with a properly maintained marketing automation system.

    Marketing automation is great, but there are other systems within our business that can be automated, to save you even more time and money.  Sales automation is another way in which technology has made it easier to run a business.  With sales automation systems, you can easily keep track of sales, payments, inventory, and many more bits of important information.  Sales automation systems, like marketing automation systems, are complicated and useful.  Sales automation systems make it easy to analyze and manipulate various bits of data, in order to determine what is going on within your business.  Sales automation systems are also vital because they track where all the money is going, both within and outside your company.  That way, if you are hemorrhaging money in a certain department or because of a certain piece of inventory, you can quickly identify the problem and solve it.  As long as you are aware of how to use the systems, they can tell you a lot of important information.

    Does Your Company Have A Strong Sense of Online Marketing?

    social media

    When first thinking about starting a new business, what comes to mind?  First, you obviously need a product to sell.  What kind of product is it, and how can you provide the public they don’t already have access to?  Are you providing them a higher quality product, or are you giving them a much more affordable product instead?  Then, you have to think about the kinds of people who you employ to work for this new business, and how they have the same kind of vision and drive as you do.  These are all very important aspects with starting a new business, but you also have to think about attracting customers and creating a significant amount of buzz and excitement for your product.  Starting a business isn’t as easy as it used to be, as there are so many more components to think about and put into consideration, especially when today’s rapidly changing digital landscape comes into play.  There is no need to worry, however, because there are plenty of firms out there who provide excellent online marketing services, such as that of Envolve Agency, which is located right outside of Salt Lake City.  No matter where your new company is located, however, these strong web marketing firms are able to help anyone across the globe, and are able to provide the best results for your new company.

    When you first start to organize your business, it is a good idea to have a social media strategy when you first start out.  If you’re looking to attract business, you need to do plenty of market research and find the best way to first contact your audience.  With a reliable online marketing team, like the good folks over at Envolve Agency, your fledgling company will soon be able to target and interact with your most ideal clients over various social media platforms.  If you’re looking to find the best way to contact your customers, it is a great idea to interact with them over social media.  While the old fashioned way of advertising, like TV or radio advertisements, can be effective to a certain degree, new studies show that engaging with your potential customers via social media platforms will increase frequency and amount of purchase by 34% and will form stronger bonds with your company over time.

    With all of this information in mind, you will easily be able to start to grow your new business and develop it from the ground up.  With a strong social media platform, in addition to dedicated online marketing, you will be able to directly contact your target market and filter out the vague, dated forms of advertisement that weren’t always guaranteed to reach the eyes of your potential customers.  With a strong team at your side, much like that of Envolve Agency, you will be able to start your business and attract all of the customers you need by means of harnessing your online presence.  Instead of directing your budget toward print media, make it a point to focus on interacting with your customers via social media platforms.

    Online marketing is critical for success

    web design

    They say that around 90% of small businesses will fail within the first year of being open. Every year after that and the percentage goes up slightly, sometimes it seems like this country isn’t meant for small businesses anymore. However, I feel as if there is a movement going on where people are starting to reject the big box stores in favor of niche boutiques and craftsmanship. Maybe my view of the world is skewed because I am so heavily involved with the arts and crafts world and trying to get my little business off the ground but I am hoping and praying that a revolution happens soon. Until then I plan to continue my slow expansion through the Salt Lake area and beyond. My company is a lighting and decorating outfit that works exclusively with wedding parties. At the moment we are small but growing steadily and one day I hope to be the most popular wedding company in Salt Lake. Web design is something my company needs desperately as well as a marketing firm to help promote our business across the state. We don’t have designs on going international or across state lines so our area of concentration may be easier to focus on. To aid in our marketing adventure and to promote our business to the exact people we are looking for we have hired involved agency. We chose this marketing firm because they specialize in online marketing and social media branding. They have a unique perspective on social media strategy that we found very appealing. Because we are looking for people that are about to get married or thinking of getting married we have to use advanced data gathering to find who they are and where they are.

    Of course simply throwing money out the window by putting out advertisements in the newspaper or on billboards has turned out to be a waste of money because we don’t know who is seeing it and who is responding to it. By working with Envolve Agency we can customize our marketing approach to find our niche audiences and then use those interactions and results to make data driven decisions on how to move forward. This is what I would consider trimming the fat on our online marketing approach and saving our dollars tour they can be better used elsewhere. I don’t know why we haven’t used this type of social media strategy before but soon whenever you go on Facebook or Google plus we will become more visible and earned more credibility in the industry.

    I probably shouldn’t be giving out the secret to our recent success by sharing the name and information of our online marketing firm but I know the struggle of getting a small business off the ground and I want to help my fellow man. So, for anyone out there looking for online marketing in Salt Lake I would recommend contacting them for a comprehensive approach to marketing. You could find yourself contacting and being contacted by more customers.

    Building an Online Marketing Strategy

    The World Wide Web has significantly changed the way in which information is shared, and has had a thoughtful impact on marketing. Over the past years, there has been more of a shift toward inbound techniques, while many outbound tactics have become obsolete. More businesses are finding success publishing original content rather than embedding advertisements within external content, because of the additional benefits these tactics offer, such as branding and audience growth.

    Online marketing

    your internet marketing in a nutshell

    Online marketing has changed dramatically in the past years. Those who built a strong foundation in solid, online marketing practices weren’t affected like marketers who cut corners and tried to game the system.

    Search Engine Optimization

    It is the process of getting traffic from the listings on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.  Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like positive improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and performance in organic search results.  Building a solid SEO strategy consists primarily of selecting relevant keywords and providing valuable content related to those keywords.

    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of content for the purpose of promoting a product or service.  Content marketing is the art of talking with your customers and prospects without selling. It is non-interruption marketing. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent. The real meaning of this content strategy is the belief that if we, as businesses, bring consistent, constant valuable information to buyers, they eventually reward us with their business and loyalty.

    Content marketing is being used by some of the greatest marketing organizations in the world.  Online content marketing has stretched out the field to include blogs, training videos, podcasts, and even video games.
    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.  Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions.  Social media often feeds into the discovery of new content such as news stories, and “discovery” is a search activity. Social media can also help build links that in turn support into SEO efforts. Many people also perform searches at social media sites to find social media content.

    Using social media for marketing can enable small business looking to further their reach to more customers.  Your customers are interacting with brands through social media; as a result, having a well-built social media presence on the web is the key to tap into their attention. If implemented correctly, social media strategies can bring remarkable success to your business.

    Why You Should Do Online Lawyer Marketing for your Firm

    Information has never been easier to come by. Answers and solutions to needs are just clicks away. This is the reason why more and more law firms are keeping up with the competition and marketing their firms online.

    lawyer marketing

    from law books to courts to the web

    Online marketing is all about who can deliver their message more effectively and who can better reach their target audience. The goal is to catch the reader’s attention, present solutions and convert them into clients. Here are the reasons why   and publishing fresh content regularly is much lesser that of hiring a whole production team and paying for airtime in say a TV or radio commercial. Considering the amount of reach that lawyer marketing online is capable of, it is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your practice.

    Online marketing does not need to be expensive to be effective. The cost of advertising online can also be made effective by reaching your target audience specifically. It also helps that you are able to choose the social media platforms to use based on your target demographics and goals.

    It Provides Easy Access to Everyone

    When you invest in law firm SEO services you are able to create a first impression to virtually anyone in the world. Your content becomes available to anyone with an internet connection and with the wealth of devices available to the public; anyone can contact you from their office, home or from their cars.

    The Results are Measurable

    One of the best features of online marketing is that it gives you the ability to measure how it impacts your prospective clients and your business. There are numerous ways and tools for measuring how many people visit your site compared to how many new clients are converted. A relation can easily be established by different web tools that will help you determine the rate of success of your campaign.

    It is Easy to Implement

    Given the right tools and talent online marketing is easy to implement compared to other media. Attorney website design when done by an expert is targeted, comprehensive and efficient. Social media platforms can be updated without having to need a big production. Online marketing can be implemented and made available to your target audience right away.

    It is Flexible

    There is no other medium that can be tailor fitted to your company and goals than your website. You have the freedom to post the content you want, target specific demographics and control how they can reach out to you. Online marketing gives you the freedom to build your own brand and image. You have a say on how people perceive you as a company. When marketing online, you can also choose the platforms to use based on who you want to reach.

    Successful Social Media Strategy Helps Restaurant Opening Gain Publicity

    Opening an upscale Italian restaurant had been Sophia’s dream since finishing culinary school five years ago. She had even spent a year during that time studying under some of the best chefs in Italy. Over the last few years she had spent most of her career working under the best chef in the city, and working to save away money and contacts for her to be able to open her own restaurant. The time had finally come, and she had even found the perfect space for her new restaurant. With blessings from her current restaurant crew, she left her sous chef position and got ready to open her new place.

    She started by finding the right vendors and developing a menu, and found other chefs to hire. The closer they got to their opening date, she hired the remaining kitchen and wait staff, along with a decorator to work on the dining room design. About a month out from the restaurant opening date, Sophia and her crew realized that she was not getting enough press, and that enough people had not gotten word. She had a few reservations lined up for opening night and that first week, but not enough, and she would need significant help, and fast, to turn it around in just a few short weeks. Her restaurant’s reputation relied heavily on its opening performance, so she reached out to a social media strategy firm for advice.

    They immediately recognized the situation she was in, and agreed that she needed something above and beyond her regular advertising and marketing campaign. She was going to need a strategy centered around getting online buzz and would be much more successful at getting the word out once social media started highlighting her upcoming opening. The 24 hour news cycle presented various opportunities for additional coverage, but they would need to plan a very specific online marketing campaign before the news coverage would pick it up. They did not have much time, but got started right away.

    Using a variety of social media mechanisms, the staff from the firm assigned to Sophia’s restaurant began developing a campaign to spread the word about the restaurant opening on Facebook and Twitter. With their various high profile accounts, they were able to leverage their connections to get the news of the restaurant opening out to thousands of additional people who would otherwise have never heard of Sophia’s. After engaging a couple of their higher profile clients to actually make reservations at the restaurant and then let their social media followers know about it, the calls began flooding in to the restaurant. The hostesses were taking reservations left and right, and it was still two weeks to opening! Sophia and her staff were thrilled with the results, and she knew that she had made one of the best investments of her career so far to develop such a strategy. The publicity would help get people in the door, and Sophia knew that the amazing food she had worked to develop would keep them coming back.

    social media strategy

    Some Agencies Specialize in Lawyer Marketing.

    lawyer marketingThere are many different legal fields.  Unfortunately, no matter what type of law you practice, there are inevitably many other attorneys in your area practicing the same type of law.  Even if you have the best record, it can be hard to stand out among the competition.  That is why it is so critical to invest in marketing.  Some agencies even specialize in lawyer marketing.  Marketing a law firm is quite different from marketing a business.  They have the same goal, attracting more clients, but the way you should go about is different.  That is why you must find an agency that deals with law firms.  When it comes to marketing certain kinds of businesses, it pays to be flashy.  This is not the case, when marketing a law firm.  For most people, choosing a lawyer is a serious decision, and they are going to base their decision on the perceived professionalism and ability of each lawyer they see.  You need to demonstrate to them that you will take their case very seriously and will do your best to help them in every way possible.  They need to be able to trust you and have faith in your skill and dedication as an attorney.  Of course, you need to establish this image, through your marketing strategies.  You have to communicate to your potential clients who you are and what services you provide.  Many lawyers advertise with commercials, and this can be a good idea.  Before you begin to worry about commercials, though, you need to make sure your website is as good as it can be.  It may even be wise to hire an attorney website design agency.  In many cases, this may be the same agency as handles the rest of your marketing.  This may be a good idea, as it is better if the marketing strategy can be cohesive, rather than divided.  When it comes to your website, it needs to be helpful, above all else.  A website that is not helpful is useless.  It should contain all the general information that clients would want to know.  It goes without saying that your website needs to be professional.  As you are an attorney and you are handling a serious situation in a person’s life, you need to be able to convey professionalism with your website.  If people get the impression that your website is carelessly put together or outdated, they will develop a negative impression of your law firm.  They will be less likely to trust you with their legal problems.  This may seem extreme, but a website is often the first impression people get of an institution.  You need to make sure it is a good one.  Secondly, you also need to make sure that people can find it.  If people are unable to locate your website in a search, they will probably not find it.  It would not hurt to invest in law firm SEO services, as well.  After all, search engine optimization is how websites compete, these days.

    Make Your Web Design Memorable

    Branding is all about memory. When you are trying to create a brand for your company, you want something that is going to stick in people’s mind so tightly that the memory that they are left with is unconsciously remembered. When I see the Fedex logo or a particular jingle on TV, I do not have to sit there and muse, “Now what is that logo again?” I know exactly what the symbols or jingles are referring to. This is the memory that I am talking about. So when you are starting to focus on your company’s web design, what is going to be memorable? You have to think creatively about what others have done, why they have done it as such, and what you can do that is different. You want them to remember your company when they visit your website or see other instances of your online presence. You certainly do not want to remind them of a different company. Yet there could be lessons to be taken from the process of what they have done. The best way to think about method and the underlying reasons for one particular form of web development is to talk to an online marketing consultant. They have seen a lot of different websites, and they are going to be familiar with the rationales underlying different forms of marketing. There is a misconception out there that you can just whip up a logo or use your new laptop to design your website. Beyond the challenges that accompany using the programs, there are complicated principles of design. It is analogous to looking at art in a museum and saying, “Eh. I could do that.” If you could do it, you would be the famous artist. There is more going on below the surface, and online marketing is the same way, which brings us back to the first point. Great markets make you remember their product without you even realizing it. We probably know more slogans and jingles than we even realize. This stuff does not happen by accident. And you company can learn from some of these techniques in order to remain in your customers’ memories. One of the more common ways is to create a consistent aesthetic theme for your websites. Go to any big company’s website. Notice that every page within their website system will have the same basic format. It will look the same. It will have the same basic colors. This seems obvious that it would not have a drastically different color scheme or artistic layout, but why not? The reason is because the online marketing and web designers are creating continuity to make their websites more memorable. It aids the process of creating a brand for the company. With the consultation of a web development company, your company can stay memorable and bring in new business. Marketing is going to be increasingly put online, and you can be on the forefront of this trend. And when you customers visit your website, make sure that they remember it.

    social media

    Advertising Firms Turn to Online Marketing to Stay Relevant

    Most of us recognize some of the most famous ads and logos of all time: the Coca Cola logo, Joe the Camel from the old cigarette ads, or the golden arches of McDonald’s. There are many, but there are also many more recent ones that are popping up everywhere, such as the blue and white “f” of the Facebook logo, or the little bird of the Twitter logo. These will go down as some of the most prolific images in advertising history, and some of the most well recognized.

    Advertising has changed drastically since the creation and development of the internet. The internet itself has changed drastically since its inception, and only became really widely used in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since then, the internet has become available readily in homes without using dial-up, in coffee shops, on telephones and tablets, and just about any public place such as airport or university campus that you can think of. Because it is such a heavily and widely used resource, advertising firms have had to change the way they do their business to include such important factors as web design when producing work for their clients. Most clients who hire advertising firms nowadays also demand a social media strategy and presence that be managed carefully by the firm. One bad review can potentially ruin a business, and it is up to the advertising firm to either sub-contract out to a web design firm or develop the expertise themselves if they want to stay competitive.

    This is not simply good business advice. In this day and age, it is absolutely necessary business advice that must be taken into account when designing advertising products for any client. Banking and financial transactions can happen at the touch of a button, as can buying and selling almost anything. Any firm that does not provide a comprehensive online marketing strategy for their clients is quickly going to find itself running out of clients. In order to stay relevant, advertising firms have had to take on this new and different task. Luckily, there is no shortage of entry level advertising employees who have essentially been raised with this technology and the tools of social media and the internet, and their youthful energy and ability to maneuver social media is actually a sought after skill.

    Advertising is more important than ever, and is not declining in relevance. But print ads will only take a company so far these days if they do not have a proactive online presence or a way to sell their products or services online. In order to keep up with competing firms and stay relevant in this day and age, advertising firms must find the expertise to manage online advertising opportunities. Ignoring the internet when advertising would be a huge, and likely fatal, misstep for any company to take – much less an advertising firm. An advertising firm’s success is heavily dependent on its ability to keep up with the advances in technology, the internet, and social media.

    social media strategy

    Most Businesses these Days Also have Social Media Profiles.

    social mediaThe internet has completely revolutionized the way people interact with each other, as well as businesses and other institutions.  At first businesses merely had websites and possibly an email address.  These days, that is not enough.  Most businesses these days also have social media profiles.  It may seem silly that businesses would put so much effort into social media, but it actually has a huge effect on whether or not they succeed.  Businesses that are adept at utilizing social media to their advantage are way more likely to succeed than the ones that are not.  Social media offers some things that a company website does not provide.  For example, social media allows customers to easily interact with a company and give feedback.  If your customers establish a good rapport with your company, they will be way more likely to support your business in the future and recommend it to their friends and relatives.  Also, people will only visit your company’s website if they search for it.  On the other hand, people use their social media accounts on a daily basis, so they are more likely to encounter your company online if you utilize social media.  If you do not know a lot about marketing or the internet, you should probably consult a company that specializes in those things.  Hiring a professional agency to help you with your social media, web design, and online marketing will be well worth your investment.  Online marketing plays a huge role in determining whether or not a business will be successful.

    Nowadays, a Lot of Companies Focus More on Online Marketing than Other Kinds of Marketing.

    online marketingEveryone knows that marketing is of the utmost importance to the success of a business.  Nevertheless, most people do not know the best ways to go about marketing their businesses.  Unfortunately, ineffective marketing strategies have led to the downfall of countless companies.  Even if your product or service is superb, you can still fail due to unsuccessful marketing strategies.  That is why, no matter how confident you are in the quality of your product or service, you need to put some time and money into marketing.  Marketing often determines whether or not a business is successful.  Marketing strategies have changed over the years.  Nowadays, a lot of companies focus more on online marketing than other kinds of marketing.  The extent to which companies invest in online marketing often has a huge effect as to whether or not those businesses are successful.  Pretty much everyone learns about businesses on the internet, so if your business is not represented well on the internet, you are losing a lot of customers.  Marketing your business online is a lot more complicated than it used to be.  In the early years of the internet, you pretty much only needed to have a website.  Now, you must have a very good, informative, and interactive website.  That is not enough, though.  You also need to be active on social media sites.  Social media is not only a way for individuals to interact.  It can also be used as a way for businesses and individuals to interact with each other.

    E Commerce and Web Design

    How you display your items, view your shopping cart, and list your product descriptions can all play an important role in conversation off your website. During the initial phase of web development, you should consider the look and feel of your online marketplace so that its user friendly, and the call to actions are loud, clear and inviting to the user. Bread crumbs also provide a great network of links that allow the user to toggle between pages without loosing the content they searched so hard for. This includes a button in the shopping cart that allows the customer to return to the previous search page without having to start all over. Other recommendations during the web design phase would be to consider the simplification of navigation pathways. The less clicks the better, and the more calls to action in an organized fashion, the better. Images are important, especially with product sales so that the customer gets that “window shopping” experience that they also get in the physical word. Finally, eliminate distractions from pages that require action – like the check out page. Once the process of checking out is begun, you don’t want people to click on another button and loose their products, shopping cart or shipping and billing information. Ignore the desire to have shoppers add more to their shopping cart during the final check out process because it becomes to distracting to navigate and information is lost and must be reentered. This may seem counterintuitive because you want to continue to sell as much as you can but really it detracts from overall conversion and leads to frustration.

    Web development

    E- Commerce should be functional

    Online Marketing is Tricky Business

    Online marketing can be tricky business when budgets are running low and the recession means people aren’t spending discretionary funds as easily. So how can your online marketing in Salt Lake drive more conversions? How can you market on such a small budget? Here are a few tips to get you started in these tough economic times. Some of it you’d be surprised to find it free!

    Who are you trying to reach? This question doesn’t mean more people but what types of people and in which markets? A carefully designed online marketing strategy will have a clear picture of who the audience is and what the market looks like, including your competitors. You should be able to figure this out on your own if you have a good clear picture of your own product. If you’ve done a good job positioning yourself and branding, then you will already have a good handle on who your audience is. Stick to what you know. It’s your best asset.

    Keep track of your goals and don’t be afraid to adjust them. When you answer to your finance department, or your town council or other oversight entity, you have to be able to prove your success or justify your failure based on the real numbers.  What do you stand to gain from investing money in online marketing?  Are you trying to increase raw numbers, conversions, or referrals, keeping track of the numbers will only do good in the long run. Several goals are ok too, just be sure that you keep track of the ones that you do set.

    Salt Lake web development

    Planning your online marketing strategy